Very Last Level UpIt’s with sad faces and heavy hearts that we must announce this Thursday will be the last LEVEL UP! at The Capitol Club. Children of the Atom have been presenting LEVEL UP! at The Capitol Club (our favorite cocktail joint in town) for the past two years.  Sadly, the bar is changing ownership and closing it’s doors for good this Saturday. We wish all of the Cap Club crew the best! Whether you’ve ever or never been to our show, please join us for one last very hilarious, very awesome and very bittersweet VERY LAST LEVEL UP! this Thursday, September 12 at 7:30 PM!!

Meredith Flanders, Abraham Behaliu, Wilfred Padua, Mike Coletta, Yogi Paliwal, Jason Goad, Brett Hamil, Sarah Skilling, Derek Sheen, special guest Matt Ruby, the very last Almost a Sketch + Dork Wars!

Level Up first poster

The very first LEVEL UP! poster – July 21st, 2011.


374476_551254864936736_162657589_nAugust 8
Erin McSmith, Wilfred Padua, Travis Vogt, special guests Daryus Monday and Aly Jones, a super special drop-in by COTA co-founder Solomon Georgio, Almost a Sketch: Bad Beach Parodies: Baywatch + Dork Wars: Which 90′s cartoon deserves a live action movie more? Daria vs. Doug w/ Erin McSmith vs. Wilfred Padua! Hosted by Scott Losse!

August 15 – OPEN MIC!
15 spots, 3-4 minutes each, first come, first served! Sign ups start 7:30 PM, show starts at 8:00 PM. At the end of the show, the host will crown ‘Best Phrase of the Mic’ with a Level Up! medal and a special prize! Hosted by Elicia Sanchez!

August 22
Brian Haigh, Abbey Drake, Stefan Davis, Brett Hamil, special guest Heather Thomson, Almost a Sketch: Bad Beach Parodies: Beaches + Diary Wars! Hosted by Corbett Cummins!

August 29
Andy Miller, Milan Patel, Albert Kirchner, Nick Sahoyah + Dork Wars! Hosted by Scott Losse!


Level Up July 2013July 4 – NO SHOW TONIGHT – Happy Fourth of July!

July 11
Aaron Fishbein, Isaac Novak, Andy Miller, Bettina Mckelvey, Wildred Padua, Erin McSmith, Travis Vogt + Diary Wars! Hosted by Scott Losse!

July 18 – OPEN MIC!
15 spots available, 3-4 minutes each + A special closing set from special guest, Tyler Sonnichsen and a prize and Level Up! medal for the ‘Phrase of the Mic’!  Sign ups start at 7:30, first come, first served! Show starts at 8:00 PM. Hosted by Elicia Sanchez!

July 25
Rick Taylor, Travis Watt, Tyler Schnupp, Danielle Gregoire, Anthony Robinson, David Leon, Almost a Sketch: Barely Baywatch + Dork Wars! With a special closing performance by Seattle’s own and only Michael Bolton tribute band, Lightning Bolton! Hosted by Corbett Cummins!


Level Up June 2013This month at Level Up!, in honor of June being gay pride month, we have themed Almost a Sketch, Parodies for Pride, which will include fairly terrible re-enactments of scenes from great gay musicals, films and television!  Most importantly, on June 27, we will be bringing you the world premiere of Seattle’s premiere Michael Bolton tribute band, Lightning Bolton!  Also, the same great food and drink specials, prizes and brand new Level Up! merch for sale including buttons and koozies!  Show starts 7:30 PM, every Thursday night at The Capitol Club (414 E. Pine St.)!

Level Up KooziesLevel Up ButtonsPlus, we are debuting our brand new monthly open mic night, starting June 20 and happening every third Thursday of the month from now on! There will be 15 spots available, 3-4 minutes each. Sign ups will start at 7:30 PM with show starting at 8:00 PM.

June 13
Dwayne Cullen, Evan Morrison, Yogi Paliwal, Nam Huynh, Zena Chew, Rylee Newton, Almost a Sketch: Parodies For Pride: Rocky Horror Picture Show + Dork Wars: Dungeons & Dragons vs. Magic The Gathering w/ Nam Huynh vs. Dwayne Cullen! Hosted by Scott Losse

June 6
Milan Patel, Brent Flyberg, Ryan Casey, Monica Nevi, special guest Shawn Armistead, Almost a Sketch: Parodies For Pride: The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert + Diary Wars w/ Brent Flyberg vs. Milan Patel! Hosted by Corbett Cummins

June 20 – OPEN MIC!
Hosted by Elicia Sanchez

June 27
Nick Sahoyah, Tyler Schnupp, Sarah Skilling, Wilfred Padua, Leah Mansfield, Almost a Sketch: Parodies For Pride: RuPaul’s Drag Race + Dork Wars: RuPaul vs. Divine! Closing out the show, the world premiere of Seattle’s premiere Michael Bolton tribute band, Lightning Bolton! Hosted by Corbett Cummins


Level Up May 2013 WebUgh, so I guess the sun is out now and Ack! IT BURNS, but we’re still bringing you a weekly array of what we do anyway!  This month we have another stellar line up of funny people, some brand new local performers, very special out of town special guests (including COTA co-founder, Ross Parsons visiting from New York), the triumphant return of long dormant segment Show n’ Tell and brand new monthly segments including Almost Improv and Josh Joke (a joke courtesy of your friendly neighborhood bartender Joshua)!  Lastly, the theme for this month of Almost a Sketch and Almost Improv is Cartoon Theme Song Carnage so be sure to see one of those disasters happen!  Plus the same awesome drink and food specials as per usual and more prizes than you could ever want or need!  Don’t suffer through this gross pretty weather alone!  We’ll see you at the safe zone (aka The Capitol Club)!

May 2
Tyler Schnupp, Evan Morrison, Yogi Paliwal, Cameron Mazzuca, Monica Nevi, Travis Vogt, Almost a Sketch: Cartoon Theme Song Carnage: TMNT + Diary Wars w/ Cameron Mazzuca vs. Monica Nevi!

May 9
Milan Patel, Parker Postyeni, Jessica Strauss, Jason Goad, special guest Ross Parsons, Almost Improv: Cartoon Theme Song Carnage + Dork Wars: Most Badass Little Person: Peter Dinklage vs. Warwick Davis!

May 16
Douglas Gale, Brett Hamil, Ryan Casey, Nick Sahoyah, Sarah Skilling, Jennifer Burdette, Almost a Sketch: Cartoon Theme Song Carnage + Diary Wars w/ Douglas Gale vs. Brett Hamil!

May 23
Daniel O’Connell, Mike Coletta, Danielle Radford, Emmett Montgomery, special guest Daniel Isherwood, Almost Improv: Cartoon Theme Song Carnage + Dork Wars: Best Worst Comic Book Movie: Howard the Duck vs The Shadow w/ Danielle Radford vs. Emmett Montgomery!

May 30
Rosalie Gale, Travis Vogt, David Leon, Kevin Clarke, Anita Goodmann, Show n’ Tell w/ Sarah Skilling, special guest Wilfred Padua, Almost a Sketch: Cartoon Theme Song Carnage + Diary Wars!


Level Up April 2013This month we bring you some BRAND NEW comedians, super special guests, bad re-enactments of worse movie trailers, more fun prizes, some epic Dork Wars debates and as always, the best tacos that cost one dollar in town!

April 4
Patrick Delmore, Nick Sahoyah, Xung Lam, Brett Hamil, Emmett Montgomery, Almost a Sketch: Movie Trailer Trash + Diary Wars!

April 11
Jessica Strauss, Sarah Skilling, Leah Mansfield, special guest Kate Willett, Almost a Sketch: Movie Trailer Trash + Dork Wars!

April 18
NO SHOW TONIGHTCOTA will be performing at the Bridgetown Comedy Festival in Portland, OR April 18 – 21! Get your tickets here:

April 25
Zena Chew, David Leon, Ryan Casey, Nick Hart, some super secret special guests, Almost a Sketch: Movie Trailer Trash + Dork Wars!


imagesTickets are now on sale for the nationally beloved Bridgetown Comedy Festival in Portland, Oregon!  Founded in 2008, Bridgetown has become the premiere comedy fest of the Northwest with past acts including Patton Oswalt, Maria BamfordJaneane Garofalo and Marc Maron.  This year, major names include Dana Gould, Reggie Watts, Kurt Braunohler, Emily Heller, Cameron Esposito and literally hundreds more!   The festival runs from April 18 – April 21.  You can buy tickets here.  As an added bonus, COTA‘s own Elicia Sanchez and Scott Losse will be performing at this year’s festival for the first time!  Get your tickets now!

LEVEL UP! March Programming

Level Up March 2013The month of March brings more great comics, a bunch of super secret special guests, brand new Dork Wars and Diary Wars, plus the new monthly installment of ALMOST A SKETCH, “Crappy Commercial Programming” where COTA attempts to recreate some of our favorite worst commercials ever aired.  Yes, there will be a lot of wigs.  Don’t miss the fun and come on out!

March 7
Evan Morrison, Rick Taylor, Nick Sahoyah, Kristina McMillen, Jim Stewart Allen, Sarah Skilling, special guest Danny Felts, Almost a Sketch: Crappy Commercial Programming: Dream Phone + Diary Wars w/ Nick Sahoyah vs. Corbett Cummins!

March 14
Jessica Strauss, Sean Murphy, special guest Jeff Oliver, a super secret special guest, Almost a Sketch: Crappy Commercial Programming + Dork Wars!

March 21
Nam Huynh, Mike Coletta, special guests Daniel Isherwood and Morgan Picton, Almost a Sketch: Crappy Commercial Programming: Teddy Ruxpin + Diary Wars w/ Daniel Isherwood vs. Morgan Picton!

March 28
Billy Anderson, Cameron Mazzuca, Zena Chew, Yogi Paliwal, Monica Nevi, Jennifer Burdette, Danielle Radford, Almost a Sketch: Crappy Commercial Programming: Crossfire + Dork Wars!